(2015). Psychiatric Medication, African Americans and the Paradox of Mistrust. In Journal of the National Medical Association..

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(2014). Health, Trust, or “Just Understood”: Explicit and Implicit Condom Decision-Making Processes Among Black, White, and Interracial Same-Sex Male Couples. In Archives of Sexual Behavior.

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Click here to download a pdf copy of this report All data and code used to generate this report can be found on my Github page Officer Delke shot Daniel Hambrick in the back while he was running away on July 26, 2018. He was hired by MNPD on July 1, 2016 and on December 28, 2016 was assigned to the East Precinct. The first traffic stop record for Officer Delke is from March 4, 2017 while assigned to the South Precinct.


May 2018 road trip through the Southwest and to the Redwoods in California.

We hiked in Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California. Follow the link to GaiaGPS to see photos of the trip.

Gaps on the map are because I forgot to start the GPS Tracker.


“Violence continues to be clustered in the most impoverished and segregated neighborhoods in Nashville. There were 16,955 violent incidents in the past five years, Three of the 35 council districts in Nashville each had over 1,000 violent incidents. These are districts 2 (1,195), 19 (1,732) and 21 (1,262), which collectively make up North Nashville and account for 25% of the 16,955 incidents”. The Nashville Youth Violence Summit Report (p.



Driving While Black Nashville

Data analyst and coauthor of the Driving While Black report

Policing and Health in Nashville

Does the policing in Nashville neighborhoods affect public health?


Nashville State Community College, Turney Center Industrial Complex

Turney Center Industrial Complex is a medium security state prison in middle Tennessee.

Fall 2018
SOCI 1020: Social Problems
Summer 2018
SOCI 1010: Introduction to Sociology

Vanderbilt University


Summer 2016 & Fall 2016
SOC 1020: Contemporary Social Issues

Summer 2016 Syllabus
Fall 2016 Syllabus

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Fall 2017
SOC 3621: Criminology
Spring 2017
SOC 3624: Prison Life
Spring 2015 & 2016
SOC 3001: Sociological Perspectives (Classical Theory)
Fall 2015
SOC 2100: Statistics for Social Scientists
Fall 2014
SOC 1001: Introduction to Sociology
Spring 2014
MHS 2430: Social Capital and Health
Spring 2013
SOC 3304: Race, Gender, and Health
Fall 2013
SOC 3002: Introduction to Social Research

San Fancisco State University

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Spring 2012
Cross Cultural Sex and Gender
Fall 2010
Variations on Human Sexuality